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German translation

German is one of the largest languages, so knowing German or translating your offerings into German will open up many opportunities for expansion. The business possibilities offered by the German market are numerous, including some of the most profitable sectors, like industry, agriculture, IT, medicine, finance, and others.

German is spoken in many European countries as a first language, meaning that it is less dependent on English. Most German businesses prefer using their native language in their daily activities, even when interacting with foreigners.

Choosing the most reliable translation services is crucial, and this is why Translate Company only offers professional German translations. You can be sure that your German translation will always be completed accurately and with professionalism.

About the German language

German is the largest branch of the Indo-Germanic language tree and is one of the biggest languages on the planet. It is related to other European languages, like Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch and English. German is the official language in seven European countries, and each one of them is a leading economy on the continent.

Modern German language didn't evolve until the 18th century, when renowned writers and linguists developed the German language that is spoken and written today. Thorough history German was the official language of several European empires, like Austria-Hungary and The Holy Roman Empire. Even though these world-empires don't exist anymore, German is still one of the most widely spoken and culturally significant languages on the planet.

Επαγγελματίες μεταφραστές

We have carefully selected a team of certified, expert translators with local insight and knowledge.

  • Πιστοποιημένοι μεταφραστές
  • Ειδικοί και ειδήμονες
  • Τοπικές γνώσεις
  • Proof reading included

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