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Polish translation

Polish might not the one of the biggest languages on the planet, but Poland is one of the fastest developing economies. Poland is the first target of most businesses wishing to expand to Central and Eastern Europe, which means an accurate Polish translation is crucial for success.

The fact the language is not that big often results in not finding suitable translation services on a short notice. On the other hand, lately many translation companies recognized the rising importance of the Polish language and offer professional Polish translations to a wide range of clients.

About the Polish language

Polish is a Western Slavic language predominantly spoken in Central Europe, and is the official language of Poland. Despite having a number of dialects, Polish language is quite homogenous and uses a unified writing system.

Most Polish speakers are from Poland, a Central and Eastern European country that is one of the fastest developing markets in Europe. Poland is estimated to become the biggest agricultural provider in the European Union, and is one of the countries that receive the largest number of foreign investment on the continent.

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