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Portuguese translation

Portuguese is the fifth largest language in the word and is the official language of Portugal, Brazil, and various African countries. Portuguese is one of the most used languages in the developing world, mainly in South America.

The most Portuguese speakers are from Brazil, a country that is regarded as one of the fastest growing major economies. Having this status, the Brazilian market profits annually from massive investments and an increased rate if international trade. Naturally, if someone intends to expand into this rapidly evolving market, one must provide an accurate Portuguese translation of its services.

Translate Company offers only professional Portuguese translations regardless of length or difficulty. The translation services we provide are reliable and always accurately reflect the message of the source document.

About the Portuguese language

The Portuguese language arose in Northern Portugal during the 9th century AD. After reconquering the Iberian Peninsula from the Arabs, the language spread across the whole territory of modern Portugal. Later, in the age of the great geographic discoveries, Portuguese spread across the world and became the predominant language of the Portuguese colonies.

Today, the language has two main dialects, namely European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. The two variations are mutually intelligible, but have significant differences in spelling and phrasing. Given this, it's essential that a translation is localized into the targeted market in order to avoid any confusions or inconsistencies.

Επαγγελματίες μεταφραστές

We have carefully selected a team of certified, expert translators with local insight and knowledge.

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