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Accurate terminology tailored to the target market

The translation of legal documents is a complex matter. Our teams of experienced legal translators allow us to provide our clients with various types of legal translations, always with guaranteed accuracy.

Translate Company's legal translators have vast experience when it comes to translating different legal documents. Our legal translation department is comprised of several experienced legal professionals.

What we offer

When you select Translate Company for your legal translation project you can expect:

  • Native translators with experience in legal translations
  • Professional translation managers
  • Proprietary translation software
  • Professional proofreading available for each project
  • Legal Certification

Translate Company always customizes a translation team to better suit each individual project. This guarantees you will receive the highest quality translation.

Legal Translation - Certification

In order to be accepted, legal translations that are used for official purposes, such as marriage, divorce, immigration etc., have to be certified by a state-licensed translator.

Legal translation executed by Translate Company will always meet the necessary legal standards of the countries where the document are needed.



Proofreading to
achieve flawless results

In addition to our translation services, we offer accurate and efficient proofreading services. Professional proofreading is recommended to ensure a flawless translation.

Satisfaction and
quality guaranteed

When you select Translate Company for your translation projects, you
are guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

Confidentiality policy

Translate Company always signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This ensures our clients that the nature of the documents and their content will not be disclosed to other parties.