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Italian translation

Italian is one of the largest languages in Europe, spoken by more than 60 million people. Besides Italy, the language is widely used in Switzerland, Monaco, Somalia, Ethiopia, Libya, and various other smaller states.

Italy is an economically developed state, playing an important role in international politics, trade, and diplomacy. It is also one of the biggest European centers of manufacturing, heavy industry and services. The Italian market offers many opportunities for serious businesses, but it requires a reliable Italian translation and localization of the company's portfolio.

Translate Company offers professional Italian translations to a wide range of clients. Our translation services are always quick, efficient and completely accurate.

About the Italian language

Italian is a Romance language spoken mainly in Europe. The precursor of today's Italian emerged sometimes during the 9th century, and the Italian that is spoken today originates from around the 14th century. Italian is a major European language having a big influence over neighboring countries and cultures.

Besides Italy, the language has official status in Switzerland, San Marino, the Vatican, and in parts of Croatia and Slovenia. It has also a large number of speakers in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States and Canada.

There are many dialects of the language spoken in Italy, but standard Italian is the only official variant, being used in virtually all sectors of public life. This is why the big majority of our clients request translations only to the standard variation of the language.

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