Privacy policy

Translate Company is committed to protect your personal data and not disclose it to any third party entity whatsoever. Read this Privacy Policy to find out which kind of personal data we collect and for what purposes we will use it.

The nature of our business

Translate Company is a translation agency specialized in translations and proofreading services. The company is located in Europe and North America with translators based in various countries. We offer a large variation of translation services to large businesses but for private vendors, as well.

The data we collect

Translate Company will only collect personal data that is deemed to be necessary to assure the functioning of our daily activities. These data include the following:

  • Name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Address

Usage of the data collected

  • The sole reason we use these data is to be able to process orders and efficiently communicate with clients.
  • The data collected will not be used for any additional purposes than the ones described in this Privacy Policy.
  • Translate Company will not send unsolicited emails to anyone without the prior consent of the email address owner.
  • Translate Company will not disclose the identity and personal information of its clients to any third party entity or person of any kind.
  • Translate Company will not disclose the nature of its agreements and deals with its clients to any third party entity or person.
  • Translate Company will also not disclose the nature and content of the projects accepted from clients to any third party person or entity.
  • Translate Company may share the personal information of its clients on request of law enforcement agencies.

Translate Company will guarantee not to break any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy. In case of change regarding this Privacy Policy, Translate Company will immediately contact existing clients and offer them the option to delete all their personal information collected.

Marketing cookies

Translate Company uses various advertising channels to display advertising to current and previous visitors to our website. This means that Translate Company, Google and other services stores cookies on your computer, and in turn will display advertising and marketing to your computer again at a later date. You can opt using the Google Ad Preferences page.