Terms of service

Please carefully read the below Terms & Conditions of Translate Company before you use any of our services. By deciding to continue to use our services you agree to the contents of this Terms & Conditions.

Nature of Services

1 Translate Company provides professional and accurate translation and proofreading services to a big variety of clients.

2 Our specialized services include marketing translations, medical translations, financial translations, website translations, technical translations, legal translations and document translations. We employ translators in more than 25 languages.

Existence of Contract

3 These Terms and Conditions apply to every single service provided by Translate Company and every single order a client places.

4 Any order placed by a client means that the client fully understands and accepts each provision of this Terms and Conditions.

5 A contract is formed between the client and Translate Company when a client places an order after which Translate Company accepts the order in written form.(email, fax)

6 Translate Company will quote the client a price and expected time until completion, but no contract will be formed between the two parties until both the client and Translate Company approve the order in written form.

7 Unless otherwise instructed by the Client, Translate Company has the right to publicly list on its website the client (name, logo) as a customer of the company.

Cancelation of Contract

8 The client may anytime cancel the contract between the two parties by submitting a written notification to Translate Company.

9 In case of the cancelation of the contract by the client, the client will have to support the translation or proofreading costs for the percentage of the project that has been completed.

10 Translate Company may cancel the contract by submitting a written notification to the client.

11 In case of cancelation by the Company, Translate Company will not charge anything for the part of the project that has been completed.

12 The contract is considered cancelled if one of the involved parties break any of the provisions of this Terms and Conditions.

Limitations and Liability

13 Translate Company cannot be held responsible for loses caused by the late delivery of the promised services.

14 Translate Company cannot be held responsible for the material damages caused by the usage of the services provided by the Company.

15 Translate Company cannot be held responsible for damages or injuries caused to humans by the usage of the provided services.

16 Translate Company cannot be held responsible for the damages caused by the interruption of services or by the interruption of the accessibility to its website.

Privacy Policy

17 To read more about this subject please access our Privacy Policy page.

Non-Commercial Use

18 All the contents of this website, including texts, images, banners, links, and videos are for private usage only.

19 You may not modify, sell, reproduce or share any of these contents whatsoever.

20 The translated and proofread documents belong to each individual client; therefore the provisions of this Terms & Conditions do not apply to them.

21 All materials on this website including texts, images, videos, links, logos, banners are the property of Translate Company.


22 Modifying, reproducing, selling, or using these materials for purposes other than stated in this Terms & Conditions is strictly prohibited.

23 All translated and proofread documents will belong to each individual client right after they were delivered.

24 After delivering, Translate Company will lose any copyright privileges on the delivered documents.


25 Translate Company does not guarantee the continuous and uninterrupted access to this webpage.

26 Translate Company also reserves the right to discontinue its services.

27 In case of interruption, Translate Company will notify all existing clients with ongoing projects.