We excel at managing complex translation projects.

In order to maintain consistency, clear deadlines, and to control costs, it is crucial this process is supervised by professional managers with proven industry experience.

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Our project managers are professionals.

You can rest assured your translation is in good hands. With a minimum of 5 years experience in translation work flow, our project managers are experts in organizing numerous translation professionals and multiple documents simultaneously. No matter how multifaceted your translation requirements may be, our managers are dedicated to executing the process with scrupulous attention to detail.

Managers supervise the entire translation process.

Your translation is handled by a project manager who has over 5 years experience supervising complex translation processes. Effective management is a key factor in quality, and we consider excellent managers a crucial component of our business practices. Translation services are so much more than the work of one translator: research is required, terminology must be clarified, and there needs to be thorough understanding of your company's goals by all parties involved. This is made possible by expert management.

Responsive collaboration yields impeccable translations.

Your translations are completed by expert translators – not by machines or computer programs. As such, it is crucial that these professionals have a full understanding of your company: its brand, goals, and terminology. We reach this understanding through ongoing collaboration between the project managers, translators, and you. Translators are encouraged to communicate openly, ask questions, and clarify points of confusion – our managers ensure this is taken care of and that any relevant details are communicated back to your company.

Translate Company is dedicated to making translation services hassle-free and efficient. Why spend your resources on project management when you can entrust your content to our professionals?

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