Streamlined, fine-tuned process ensures high quality translation.

Translate Company saves your time and energy by having an efficient, tried-and-true method for each and every translation that crosses our desk.

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Project start

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Project management

Your project is supervised by an in-house manager who evaluates your company's translation requirements.

Hand-picked translators

The project manager carefully selects a translation expert based on the needs of your company.


Industry specialists

For technical, industry-specific content, we appoint a translator who has proven expertise in your field.

Project briefing

The project manager creates a comprehensive project guide for the translator based on your language, style, terminology, and formatting requirements.



Project managers closely follow your translation and collaborate with translators on an ongoing basis. They act as a liaison between your company and the translator, answering questions and performing additional research if necessary.

Translation complete

The ongoing communication between the translator, manager, and your company results in a translation process that is completed promptly and efficiently.


Review & proofreading

Completed documents are submitted to proofreaders to be checked sentence-by-sentence for inconsistencies in formatting, translation errors, and to ensure nothing has been missed. Additional proofreaders may be assigned if necessary.


The translated material is delivered directly to your inbox.