Superior translation quality from the industry's finest translators.

At Translate Company, our business is built around the provision of truly excellent services, and we have a comprehensive definition of what that means to us.

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The industry's finest translators

Each and every translator selected to execute your translation has gone through a rigorous interview process designed to single out the only the top candidates. For every 30 applications we receive, there is - on average, only 1 translator who meets our strict criteria. Our proven ability to select professionals with the highest levels of experience, agility, and reliability means your project is handled by the finest translators in the world.

Expert project management

Your translation is handled by a project manager who has over 5 years experience supervising complex translation processes. Effective management is a key factor in quality, and we consider excellent managers a crucial component of our business practices. Translation services are so much more than the work of one translator: research is required, terminology must be clarified, and there needs to be thorough understanding of your company's goals by all parties involved. This is made possible by expert management.

Thorough proofreading

When a company relies on a freelancer, they are putting the entirety of their material in the hands of one individual - often resulting in grammatical mistakes, individual bias, and missing segments. We appoint expert proofreaders and editors: this means your translation is double-checked for any errors or inconsistencies, giving you confidence that it will be just as captivating in Cantonese as it is in English.

In order to be globally competitive, your business needs meticulously crafted translations. Our clients feel that way too, and that is why over 80% of our first-time clients return to Translate Company for ongoing language support.

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