Why you need to translate your website

With the right website translation service and a solid strategy, website translation is exceptionally valuable. Statistics gathered by Common Sense Advisory ,the leading research body in translation indicate that overall, customers prefer to buy from websites in their language.


  • 2.5X
    More content = higher profits. Fortune 500 companies that increased their content volume were 2.5x more likely to experience profit increase, and 1.8x more likely to report revenue growth than companies that did not increase their content.
  • Translation budget also relates to higher revenue. Businesses that increased their translation spending were 1.5x more likely than their Fortune 500 peers to report an increase in total revenue.
  • Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) reported in a 2007 paper that $25 dollars was returned for every $1 invested in localization.

Inclination to buy

30% of 3,002 CSA respondents from 10 countries never buy from English-language websites, and 30% rarely do.

32% of respondents who are confident in their English-speaking abilities agree or strongly agree that they will only buy at sites in their own language, 83% of those with no English skills claim they will.

The inclination to buy or act increases by 25% when customers receive information in their language.


When given a choice, 75% of customers will choose a product with information in their language vs. one that is in English. For those with the lowest English-speaking skills, this preference is around 85%.

74% percent of responders agree or strongly agree that post-sales support in their languages is important.


With 12 languages you reach almost 90% of online economic opportunity.

37% of respondents spend more time on sites in their own language than English ones, while 19% boycott English-language websites entirely.

79% of respondents who don’t read English rarely or never visit websites in that language.

It’s clear that translation makes you money, so why are the majority of websites still monolingual? Traditionally, translation technology has been expensive and inefficient, and website translation was seen as something only large corporations do. However, in order to be competitive, more and more small-to-medium businesses are recognizing the financial impact.

Benefits of translating with Cobolt

There are countless reasons to translate your website, but these reasons are minimized if you don’t have an efficient process. Partnering with a reputable technology company significantly increases your chances of long-term success when entering new markets.

Saves you time


SMB website 10 pages, any CMS. 8-11 minutes.

0 hours - Cobolt works with any website and CMS.

0.1 hours - Single line Javascript integration.

0 hours - We assign the best translators from our network.


SMB website 10 pages, wordpress or drupal CMS. 8-11 hours.

2-3 hours to find out the best solution that works with the particular website and infrastructure, trying out different solutions.

2-3 hours integration time for a plugin, in most cases a few hours or more engineering time to finalize the details of missed content.

4-5 hours contacting and dealing with a translation agency, sending the content and getting it back.

The translation process is managed from start to finish

Cobolt has efficient, time-tested solutions for managing translations. Taking advantage of these methods drastically reduces employee hours spent hiring and managing translators and proofreaders.

You don’t have to spend money on tech involvement

Choosing Cobolt saves you time and money because we provide the translation technology. It is easy to set up, well-maintained, and scalable, meaning your tech department doesn’t need to spend time problem-solving as your business grows.


  • Website translation is consistently beneficial for business - it results in increased profit, reach, and inclination to buy.
  • Translating with Cobolt brings its own benefits, including reducing time spent managing translation, saving your company’s money, and speeding up up the translation process.
  • There are drastic differences between different website translation services - and Cobolt always ends up on top.
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