Metrics for success

Many companies make the mistake of thinking that once they have translated their website, the work is over. If you fail to track important metrics, you will miss opportunities to make subtle but significant changes to your translation process.

Streamline the translation process

Ensuring your translation process is efficient is one of the most important considerations when aiming to increase ROI. The following process aspects are areas that many companies find themselves needing to improve.

Percentage of time spent per full-time employee on managing vendors

Significant resources are spent on choosing language vendors, explaining translation preferences and requirements, and communicating with them when updates are needed.

We can help you reduce this cost by offering a reliable and automatic translation process for both documents and websites. Once you make the decision to work with us and make it clear what your company’s needs are, we manage the entire process for you from start to finish. Once we know what you want, translation, proofreading, editing, and updating all happens automatically.

Percentage of time spent by per full-time employee on technology and process automation

Many companies have employees spending thousands of hours on teaching language vendors how to use their translation technology, updating and upgrading the technology, and making processes automatic.

Cobolt reduces this metric drastically. Cobolt requires zero of your employee hours to maintain, and is inherently automatic. It takes the same amount of time for other translators to learn an external system than it takes our team to complete the translation.

Cost per word and for translation management

Reducing cost per word may seem like a simple way to increase ROI, but this comes at the expense of quality. Companies must balance efficient management costs while paying the lowest possible price for human translation.

Translation management is included in the Cobolt offering, and is significantly more efficient and less expensive than paying an employee to do the same job. We offer a range of per-word cost options - so you can choose the level of expertise you require for your content.

Turnaround time

Communicating with vendors, technology issues, translation, management efficiency, and implementation all affect turnaround time. Without streamlined processes, reliable technology, and effective vendors, decreasing turnaround time is impossible.

Turnaround time with Cobolt is considerably faster than traditional translation systems. With automatic technology, vetted translators, and time-tested management, we are able to cut down turnaround time significantly and consistently.

Technical debt

Traditional systems have significant technical debt. Because of this, they require significant resources to maintain and upgrade. This cuts into tech budget and disrupts turnaround time. In order to fix bugs, there often needs to be a drastic upheaval of the system, which can result in compatibility issues.

Cobolt instantly deploys bug fixes and updates without any intervention on your part. Cobolt has no technical debt.


  • The metrics you should be measuring include time spent managing vendors, time spent on technology, cost per word, turnaround time, and technical debt.
  • Cobolt can help you optimize all of these metrics by providing a technology + service offering that dominates traditional systems.
Chapter 7: Conclusion